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Educating children and developing all their competencies is possible only in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Such environment helps children mature and enables them to become strong and independent human beings capable of facing every day challenges. We are a school of common education system, which means that the children who are in any way disadvantaged (mentally, physically or socially) are supported to such an extent that they can achieve really good results.


We are pleased that Kamenka is a place where anyone can learn, develop their talents and feel good at the same time. Our aim is to provide all our students with good general knowledge. Besides, we tend to focus on their other skills, such as motor, artistic, musical and computing skills on a daily basis. We cater for the specific requirements of both disadvantaged and talented students and make sure they get individual treatment. We constantly work on the interpersonal relationships between all the members of the educational process and we are willing to listen to the opinions of the students and their parents. Our school is included in the group of Healthy schools.

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